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Sod Installation, Loxahatchee, FL

Growing the perfect lawn from grass seed takes time, the right conditions, effort, and a lot of patience. Our professional sod installation services can help you get a beautiful and lawn without having to wait for so long. At Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services, Inc, we have over three decades of experience in nurturing beautiful and healthy lawns. Our services are offered in Loxahatchee, FL, and the surrounding areas. We can deliver a quality lawn that is instantly green and makes the perfect addition to your landscape.

Professional Sod Lawn Installation

Sod installation is nothing less than an investment. So, when you hire professional services, make sure that the experts take all the factors into account to achieve success. We will keep you up to date about the process and the progress. The process involves the following steps:

  • Removal of old grass and weeds
  • Amending the soil, if required
  • Soil grading for leveling and effective draining
  • Using industry best practices to install the soil
  • Setting up the irrigation system to ensure proper watering

Types of Sod

We install premium quality sod so that our clients will always be proud of their lawn. We specialize in a blend of Bluegrass that is grown on lighter-weight peat soil, making it easier to handle. Whether it is for your home lawn or a golf course, we have the right quality sod for your property.

If you need a lawn that is easy to maintain and is deep-rooted, we can supply fine fescue sod. They can handle shade better and offer greater resistance to drought. This also includes a mix of tall fescue and bluegrass. Such versatile varieties can adapt to most areas and are valued for their even and beautiful looks. The bluegrass part in the mix gives the sod its properties of adaptability to wet conditions and wear strength.

Your Trusted Sod Installation Expert

Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services, Inc, is your trusted sod installation expert in Loxahatchee, FL. We are a licensed and insured landscaping company that provides the best in all services including high-quality sod installation. We have over 13 years of presence in the industry. We specialize in installing sod for partially shaded areas and never have issues with pests or weeds when using the premium sod.

Professional and proven sod installation processes are used to achieve optimal results. Our experienced crew will first examine your property to determine the mix of sun and shade and the ground’s current condition. After reviewing all the options, we will recommend the best sod type. Once you decide on the type of sod, we will provide you an estimate for delivery and installation. You will also get a date and timeframe for the completion of the job. If you are not satisfied with the current condition of your lawn, feel free to contact us for an examination and evaluation. You may call us today at 561-309-9603 or send us a detailed message from our Contact Us page.

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