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Tree Work in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Tree Work, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Trees add beauty, greenery, and shade to a property. They also help improve the air quality while reducing dust and pollution in the immediate surroundings. While trees look robust and hardy, they too need regular care, and we at Green Image Landscaping handle all types of tree work in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Tree Trimming

If your trees aren’t taken care of, overgrowth, diseased branches, and organic waste will accumulate around and on them. You must perform tree trimming and regular pruning to keep your trees healthy and disease-free. Branches and limbs of trees continue to develop and vary in size, shape, and composition over time. Overgrowth can affect your landscape’s appearance and your trees’ growth and health. We have a team of qualified arborists who perform expert tree trimming services to help your trees look their best and stay healthy.

The following are some of the advantages of hiring our licensed crew to perform tree pruning work:

  • Getting rid of elements that aren’t essential to your trees’ health
  • Disposing of diseased or dead trees and shrubs
  • Keeping trees away from electrical wires and your building
  • Creating a sculpted and manicured look
  • Preventing the spread of disease and deterring pests 

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a necessary part of maintaining your property. Plantscape health and vitality are the primary goals of arboriculture. Tree removals are frequently required to eliminate diseased, dead, or otherwise dangerous trees from a property. Our customers’ trust in us for tree removal goes far beyond these few reasons. We open shaded portions of the yard and remove any obstructions to the sun’s path as part of this service. Our company is a one-stop shop for all your tree care needs.

Stump Grinding

A stump is left behind after a tree is cut down, and mowing will be more difficult if you leave the stump in place. If you have pets or children, a stump in the yard could be a tripping hazard. We can help you get rid of any unsightly protrusions in your yard with our professional tree stump removal service.

The time and effort it takes to attempt to remove a tree stump on your own are daunting. Stump grinding is a quick and straightforward job for our certified and experienced team. Our recommendation is to remove tree stumps unless they are in a distant place and provide slope protection and erosion prevention. It’s dangerous and challenging work that only trained, and adequately equipped experts should undertake.

We can remove stumps during our tree removal service. If the tree was already chopped down, we handle stump removal quickly and efficiently while keeping your property in good shape. Our stump grinding solutions make your landscaping more accessible while protecting your mowing equipment from harm.

Hurricane Cleanup

Florida’s hurricane season runs from June to November; however, tropical storms can still make landfall in the state at any time of year. In their wake, hurricane-force winds hurl forth shattered tree limbs, branches, and trees. Debris can fall anywhere: on your driveway, around your house, on your business, or even on your car. If you try to remove them by yourself, you risk injuring yourself or doing more harm than good. We offer professional and safe hurricane cleanup services to residential and commercial clients. If you need tree work done in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, please call Green Image Landscaping at 561-309-9603. You can also send us your queries via this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you shortly to discuss your project details.

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