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Rock Services, Loxahatchee, FL

Adding specialty rocks to your landscaping can create visual interest for your landscape and garden projects. It can also provide a surface that is durable and lasts longer. Whether you intend to add gravel, boulders, or steppingstones to your landscaping, we at Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services can deliver and install rocks of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Located in Loxahatchee, we serve both residential and commercial clients throughout South Florida.

Beautiful & Functional Ground Cover

Gravel works with a wide range of landscape themes and designs. We offer these rocks in a variety of natural sizes, shapes, and colors. It is durable for:

  • Driveways
  • Terraces
  • Pathways

Its unique features make it the ideal transitional material from your building to your garden. Similarly, our garden steppingstones and pathways can create a distinct trail through your yard or garden. We can also use them to create a contrasting effect with your plants, flowers, and sod that surrounding the path. We can also place garden boulders, moss rock boulders, or landscape boulders to create a focal point for your project. We can also scatter them into the setting surrounded by flowers, plants, and trees.

Grounds Cover

We supply and install different types of rocks and decorative pebbles for ground covers. This includes:

  • Limestone Roadbase: These are perfect decorative landscaping rocks for filling holes on driveways and private roadways. They offer greater strength compared to landscape gravel, sand, and recycled material.
  • Granite Rock: We offer the best gravel for walkways that work as excellent, decorative ground cover that hold moisture and improve the project’s looks. We also provide small granite rock.
  • Red Rock: Perfect for decorative and institutional landscape applications, these red garden rocks are popular for walkway and bedding covers, providing superior footing without discoloration.
  • Red Lava Rock: We also provide red lava rock for general landscaping and garden placement projects. These rocks are valued for their sponge-like texture and lightweight.

Some of the other ground cover and landscaping rocks that we offer include marble chips, large river rocks, small river rocks, and white river rocks. We offer pea gravel bulk, rock flower beds, blue rock landscaping, black river rock bulk, and many other types of rocks for various applications including mulch replacement, creating rock gardens, creating stunning centerpieces for your projects, or customizing borders of ponds or other features.

A Landscaping Company That Specializes in Rocks

The right choice of rocks can also be used to create rock flower beds, rock border edging, or to cover areas of your landscape where grass does not grow. As a full-service landscaping company in South Florida, we can create many other features using the right type, color, and texture of rocks. From tree services to landscape design and installation to lawn care to outdoor lighting to mulch and irrigation services, we cover everything. If you need more information about our services, feel free to get in touch with Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services at 561-306-7302. You will be able to discuss your requirements with one of our landscaping experts before our professionals will visit your property.

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