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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming, Loxahatchee, FL

Overgrown brush, diseased branches, and organic clutter will always build on and around your trees if they are not well-maintained. Regular tree trimming and pruning are crucial for keeping your trees in shape, preventing diseases from spreading, and revitalizing your trees. Tree limbs and branches keep growing and change shape and structure over time. This can not only affect your landscape aesthetically but also affects the growth and health of your trees. At Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services, our experienced and certified crew provides professional tree trimming services to enhance the beauty and health of your trees.

Based out of Loxahatchee, FL, we provide our landscaping and maintenance services throughout South Florida. Our services help transform your yard and landscape to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

When Should You Call Us

If you notice the following signs, you should consider calling a tree trimming service near me:

  • Branches are have grown too close to your home
  • There are loose or dead hanging branches
  • Branches have grown close to power lines
  • You want to enhance the curb appeal
  • Your trees have not undergone trimming or pruning for years

Our tree trimming service involves the removal of damaged, weak, and overgrown branches. As certified arborists, our crew will dissect the tree limbs and determine the branches that can be removed to help achieve optimal tree growth. We have an in-depth understanding of the pruning process and will remove only those boughs and limbs that cause clutter and don’t provide support.

Benefits of Our Tree Pruning Services

Our certified crew provides professional tree pruning services that serve the following benefits:

  • Removing dead-weight that can weaken your trees
  • Removing dead or dying branches
  • Preventing trees from coming in touch with power lines or your building
  • Providing a sculpted look
  • Preventing tree diseases from spreading and discouraging pests

Trusted & Certified Arborists

From pruning and trimming pine trees to trimming shrubs, it is one of the most important tasks in landscaping. If you want to have trees that are healthy and grow to their full potential, you cannot ignore the importance of this service at the hands of experienced and certified arborists. This is a service that should be left to the experts at Green Image Landscaping and should not be attempted on your own. Poor techniques and lack of knowledge can cause harm to your trees, creating wounds, and causing diseases and decay. Always choose the services of certified arborists like ours.

When it comes to tree trimming service, you should rely on only knowledgeable and certified arborists such as those at Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services. We have the skills, experience, and resources required to provide the best looks and optimal health to your trees.  We are licensed and insured and have been providing complete landscaping solutions for years. As active member of local and state landscaping and plantscaping associations, we continuously meet and exceed the highest industry standards and practices. For more information about our services, feel free to get in touch with us. Give us a call at 561-306-7302 and you will be able to discuss your needs and preferences with a tree trimming expert.

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