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Hurricane Clean Up

Hurricane Cleanup, Loxahatchee, FL

The hurricane season in Florida lasts from June through November, but tropical storms can hit the state even during other months. Such devastating storms leave broken tree limbs, fallen branches, damaged trees, and even fallen trees in their path. And this fallen debris can land on your driveway, home, commercial building, or even on your vehicle. Removing them yourself can be unsafe and potentially cause greater damage. At Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services, we provide quick, safe, and proper hurricane cleanup services in South Florida and the surrounding areas. We have the experience, license, expertise, and equipment required to provide a thorough and professional cleanup service in the region.

We are much more than your storm cleanup contractors. We are also a full-service landscaping company with expertise and experience in landscape installation and maintenance. Our crew of arborists and tree surgeons specializes in professional tree removal and tree cleanup services.

Hire a Professional Hurricane Cleanup Service

When a storm causes one or more trees and branches to fall on or near your building, you should call us. Our professional storm damage cleanup services are quick, convenient, and effective. Our crew has experience in handling hundreds of storm clean-up jobs and provides our services while preventing any further damage to your property. Besides removing the tree and branches, our storm cleanup contractors will further assess your property to check for damage and potential problem areas.

We also provide preventative maintenance services as part of our tree cleanup service. If our arborists find any trees or branches with potential risks during a storm or otherwise, we can remove them to prevent potential damage. This can help reduce potential damage and the amount of cleanup required after a storm.

Making a Difference in Hurricane Cleanup

Storms, including hurricanes, are more common in Florida and are known to cause serious damage to trees. Trees that have been damaged during a storm must be dealt with immediately by hurricane cleanup companies to prevent further damage or injuries. Our certified arborists will assess the situation and will inform you of the amount of damage caused and the trees that can be salvaged and the ones that need to be removed.

Once we have removed all the fallen materials, our crew will work on the salvageable trees. We will check their health and ensure they will be safe during any future storms. Hurricane damage can also affect your landscape and your property’s value. So, you will need the services of storm cleanup companies to restore your landscape to its original beauty. You will find our hurricane cleanup crew to be fast and courteous. Our experienced professionals understand that storm damage cleanup is a stressful experience. We will not only take the burden of the tree cleanup off you, but you will also find our team to be well-mannered and friendly. We also have all the equipment and tools required to get your property back to normal. If you need more information about our services, feel free to get in touch with Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services at 561-306-7302. We can visit your property and will listen to all your concerns and needs and make sound recommendations.

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