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Landscape Lighting, Loxahatchee, FL

You are proud of your landscape’s beauty, but why limit its elegance to daytime. Your home may have stunning landscaping features or special architectural elements, outdoor lighting provides the best way to highlight all the key features after dusk. We at Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services provide complete outdoor landscape lighting solutions in South Florida to improve your property’s curb appeal and enhance outdoor safety and security during nighttime.

Landscape Lighting Design

Our modern landscape lighting solutions are designed to upgrade your outdoors to create a more functional and attractive outdoor space after dusk. We create and install sophisticated designs that are resilient to:

  • Sunlight
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Heavy rain

As a full-service landscaping company, we bring greater insights into our landscape lighting services, delivering results that are hard to find elsewhere.

Some of the key features of our outdoor landscape lighting services are as follows:

  • From fixed post and wall-mounted to free-hanging fixtures to enhance your property’s look and ambiance
  • Copper, brass, aluminum low voltage landscape lighting in different styles and sizes
  • Our crew will visit your property to create a plan covering your paths, driveway, grounds, plantscapes, and architectural features

We specialize in creating the best landscape lighting solutions that highlight your building and the best landscaping features while improving safety and security at night.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Different Features

Some of the popular outdoor features that we design modern landscape lighting for are as follows:

  • Pool Area Lighting: We create landscape lighting solutions for pools, decks, patios, and other backyard entertainment areas on your property. Spend time with friends and family around the pool or get the party going late into the night.
  • Pathway Lighting: Illuminating the walkways, patio steps, driveway, and entryways improves navigation in the dark and prevents any accidents.
  • Landscape Illumination: Our outdoor ground lights eliminate any shadows in your landscape, preventing trespassers from hiding anywhere. Our lighting experts will conduct an assessment and create a placement plan.

LED Landscape Lighting

The ever-evolving demand for low-voltage landscape lighting has led to the widespread popularity of led landscape lighting. We specialize in planning and installing led yard lights that produce pleasant and adequate illumination while keeping energy consumption low. These lights also last long, thus reducing the need for frequent replacement.

We can use colorful or white LEDs for different outdoor landscape lighting requirements including:

  • Pathway Lights
  • Walkway Lights
  • Ground Lights
  • Tree Uplighting
  • Hardscape Lighting

With these lights, there is no limit to creativity. For instance, we can use colorful LEDs as outdoor ground lights to show directions on the path without lighting up the entire pathway.

Making a Difference in Outdoor Landscape Lighting

At Green Image, we believe that the best outdoor landscape lighting must ensure exceptional aesthetics while enhancing safety. We approach every project from two key perspectives – functionality and aesthetics. We are experienced in a wide range of:

  • Lighting principles
  • Lighting designs
  • Lighting approaches

We have the expertise, experience, and resources required to protect your property in the best possible way with a combination of focused and linear modern landscape lighting techniques.

If you are looking for a landscape lighting company that also happens to be a full-service landscaping company, you are at the right place. From design to installation to maintenance, we have the experience and expertise required to transform your outdoor ideas into reality. Feel free to contact Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services at 561-306-7302 to discuss your ideas, vision, and preferences.

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