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Firepits, Loxahatchee, FL

Have you ever fancied spending your evenings in your charming garden, only to be held back by cold weather? Well, it’s actually quite a common problem, but it does have an easy solution too. All you must do is get a firepit installed. In fact, fire pits add value to a property and enhance the utility of the garden. If you plan on getting a fire pit installed, we can help you out. At Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services, Inc., we are committed to providing our clients with outstanding services. Over the years, we have developed an outstanding track record and a sizable clientele in Loxahatchee.

Why Should You Consider Installing a Firepit?

An outdoor firepit would enable you and your loved ones enjoy the warmth of the fire even while sitting outdoors on a winter night. However, a firepit is much more than simply a means to keep warm in cold weather. It brings several other advantages too, ranging from the aesthetics of your home to recreation. The variety of ways in which firepits can be useful makes it worth having one installed. Some of the most notable benefits of firepits are:

  • Aesthetics: A firepit would be a great addition to the looks of your home if you choose the right design. Depending on the architecture of your home, the landscape of your garden, etc., our specialists can guide you with picking the most suitable metal or stone fire pit.
  • Source of light: Installing a firepit would keep your garden well-lit at night. A firepit would cast a warm glow over your property, creating an elegant ambience.
  • Socializing spot: Firepits happen to be great places to socialize with friends and neighbors. The warmth and coziness that fire pits offer help to build up the perfect environment to sit around with friends to chat and have fun.
  • Cooking: If you love cooking food on a grill over a barbeque, fire pits are certainly something that you would love. You may use your garden firepit to cook almost anything that you can cook on your barbeque firepit.

If you are fond of interior and exterior designs and would like to extend your home, a fire pit would come in handy. All you must do is set up outdoor sofas or cushioned benches around the firepit and your outdoor seating area would be ready.

How Many Types of Firepits Can You Choose From?

The variety of options that you can choose from while installing a firepit is a great advantage. The different types of fire pits vary in terms of design, fuel, material, portability or other attributes. Some of the popular types of firepits are:

  • Wood fire pit
  • Gas fire pit
  • Gel fire pit
  • Propane fire pit
  • Stone fire pit
  • Metal fire pit
  • Patio fire pit
  • Tabletop fire pit and more.

How Would Professional Assistance With Firepit Installation Be Helpful?

Given the wide range of firepits that one may pick from, choosing the right one might be difficult. Our experienced professionals would help you choose a firepit that would blend in with the design of your home and offer maximum utility. Most importantly, they would carry out a hassle-free and efficient installation. You may call Green Image Landscaping and Tree Services, Inc. at 561-306-7302 to have your firepit installed.

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